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In 1969, nine independent entrepreneurs in food marketing and distribution recognized the emergence of eating away from home as an industry with exciting growth potential. Simultaneously, as personal disposable income rose and more women entered the work force, they recognized the growing complexity of the business and an increasing demand for regional, and ultimately national support from food purveyors as hotel, hospital and restaurant chains expanded.

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These companies merged to form SYSCO, a Systems and Services Company. Sysco’s philosophy then, and now, is to
be a trusted supplier, providing foodservice customers with a broad product line consistently high in quality.

With sales of $32.6 billion, Sysco is the largest foodservice marketing and distribution company in North America, serving about
400,000 restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, lodging establishments and other foodservice customers
throughout the United States and Canada. Sysco operates from 172 locations that extend throughout the contiguous United States
and portions of Alaska and Canada. Sysco’s line of 275,000 products includes a broad assortment of fresh and frozen meats, seafood,
poultry, fruits, vegetables and bakery goods, canned and dry foods, paper and disposable items, sanitation products, dairy foods
and beverages, as well as kitchen and tabletop equipment and medical and surgical supplies. Sysco is committed to providing
excellent service to its customers to support their quest for superb, consistent quality products to prepare meals away from home.

Sysco is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SYY.

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